Saturday, November 9, 2013

You Will Never Be Able To Beat This Robot In Rock-Paper-Scissors (Video)

You Will Never Be Able To Beat This Robot In Rock-Paper-Scissors (Video)

Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo have perfected a robot they created last year so that it is now virtually unbeatable at rock-paper-scissors.
According to the BBC, the first version was designed to win based on the calculation of predicted moves, but the new and improved Janken (named after Japan’s name for the game) can actually see what shape the human hand is forming before the hand is thrown and instantly create the winning shape.
Yet the researchers are now debating whether the robot’s reactions are too fast, since the official rules of rock-paper-scissors state that both players’ hands must come down at the exact same time.
Technically, the robot is cheating because it is reacting to the opponent rather than making a premeditated action.
The Janken just needs one millisecond, a thousandth of a second, to recognize the shape of the opponent’s hand and choose a winning move, which comes down just about the same time as the opponent’s.
Version one responded 20 milliseconds after the human hand, BBC reports, while version two generates the closest thing to a simultaneous response the researchers have come up with yet.

H/t: BBC, Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube


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