Friday, November 1, 2013

BelAZ 75710 – World’s Largest Mining Truck


BELAZ branded equipment operates in 70 countries around the world. Belaz dump trucksrepresent 30% of the world’s population in earth moving and mineral extraction applications. Electric drive trucks range in capacity from 110mt (120 tons) to 360mt (400 tons). Mechanical drive trucks are available in capacities from 30mt (33 tons) to 90mt (100 tons).
On the 25th of September, BELAZ celebrated its 65th anniversary. The customers, dignitaries, suppliers and special guests witnessed the unveiling of three new products: a 90mt (100) electric drive truck, a remotely controlled 136mt (150) truck and the world’s largest capacity mining truck, the 450mt (500) model 75710. All three trucks were available for hands-on inspection and in-operation viewing at the BELAZ engineering test facility.6-1024x768The 75710 was designed at the request of long time BELAZ customers. Those customers operate trucks ranging in capacity from 130 to 360 metric tons. They demanded that the 75710 incorporate all of the design characteristics of their current trucks
• Excellent performance and reliability provide by high performance engines from leading manufacturers, AC electric drive systems and efficient body hoist systems
• Good maneuverability and superior ride comfort based on optimal integration of the truck and steering system and application of the innovative BELAZ designed pneumohydraulic suspension.
• Operator safety and comfort with a modern cab, hydrostatic steering, and a high-performance electrodynamic retarder.
• Long service life as a result of using advanced propulsion systems, latest technology components and assemblies and high strength materials in the frame and body.4-1024x735Through a combination of unique designs and engineering innovations, the BELAZ product development experts were able to incorporate the traditional BELAZ truck characteristics into a hauler capable of carrying 450 metric tons of material and operating in the same footprint as its 320mt and 360mt predecessors. The model 75710 is designed to present a compact profile, achieve a significant performance increase and meet world safety standards.
Unique design features include:
• 450mt payload capacity by using 8 tires
• Excellent maneuverability by using two pivoted axles and BELAZ engineered steering kinematics. The turning radius of the 75710 is 19.8 meters. (Turning radius of a 360mt capacity truck is 17.2 meters)
• Perfect stability without sacrificing ride comfort due to use of anti-roll bar struts in the suspension system
• The ability to operate at or near rated capacity in high rolling resistance environments through the standard all-wheel drive configuration.
• Superior dumping performance with power enhanced hydraulic hoist drive
• Optimized fuel efficiency by operating only one of the two engines when the truck is not loaded.
• High performance, reliability and safe operation are provided by a “smart” AC electric drive system with electronic differentials and antiskid system5-1024x768Performance characteristics of the 450mt truck are impressive: The ability to climb protracted longitudinal grades to 14% and short slopes up to 18%. Maximum truck speed of 64km/h. Resistance to “bogging down” or reducing payloads is very wet or unstable soil conditions.
As a result of its innovative design and unique features theBelAZ-75710 is estimated to provide a productivity gain of 25% versus the largest capacity trucks currently in use.
The sale of trucks will begin during 2014.
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