Monday, November 25, 2013

New Jersey Officials Remove Arrow from Deer's Head

Deer with arrow
New Jersey resident Spotted Young Deer In Backyard With Arrow Shot Clean in Its Head. New Jersey officials have now removed the arrow. The deer is recovering well. (Photo : Facebook/Susan Darrah)
One of the most disturbing stories of last week finally ended on a happy note with biologists removing an arrow from a deer's head in New Jersey.
The arrow had sliced through the 5-month-old male deer's head. Biologists who operated on the deer said that the arrow hadn't damaged any major organ or artery, Associated Press reported. The deer is recovering now.
It's bow-hunting season in the state, which explains why the deer had an arrow in its head.
The first photo of the deer with an arrow was captured Nov 1, by Susan Darrah, a New Jersey resident. She reportedly tried catching the animal, but failed.
Darrah immediately posted pictures of the deer on Facebook. "Want to know what sucks? THIS!! Tried to capture him to no avail.....he can eat, run and there's no blood, less chance of infection. I just feel so bad for him..," she had posted along with the gruesome photo.
She contacted New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife who asked her to put out corn to get the deer back into the yard. NJDFW officials succeeded in tranquilizing the deer on Saturday, they then removed the arrow and fed the deer with antibiotics, reported the Star Ledger.
"I can not say enough, give enough accolades to the guys at Fish and Wildlife," Darrah told the Star Ledger. "These guys were dedicated, determined and totally respective of me and my property... They were just terrific."
The story of the deer made headlines as far as Netherlands and Kenya, the Star Ledger reported.
Darrah named the deer Steve Martin, after the comedian who used the arrow-through-his-head prop for his stand-up routine, according to Huffington Post.


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