Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Company Has Created Anti-Rape Shorts For Women With Special Locks To Prevent Sexual Assault (Video)


Sexual assault has become such a widespread issue, a company has designed shorts for women that are intended to prevent rape via a series of locks and special materials.
AR Wear is a clothing line that specializes in shorts specifically designed to prevent rape, and has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to raise the funds to fully launch.
Utilizing a special lock on the waistband that can only be unlocked via a specific combination of clock hand positions, the shorts cannot be pulled off by anyone other than the person who knows the combination.
Additionally, the leg holes can be locked in place, offering the same amount of resistance. The crotch area and waistband are made of a special weave of fabric that prevents assailants from cutting through or ripping the AR Wear shorts.
These shorts seem like a viable option to immediately preventing sexual assault, but isn’t the real issue we, as society, have come to the point where these are necessary? Women have to literally wear armor in order to protect themselves from attackers.
Many have pointed out these shorts are more than inconvenient, as getting them off while intoxicated in order to go to the bathroom could be a nightmare waiting to happen. Still, others say the benefits outweigh the inconvenience, as the fear of sexual assault is so great, some women feel they don’t have any other options.
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